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An Offering For April – poeticle I

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Inspired by Gertrude Stein‘s stream of consciousness style of writing, each morning for 12 days i awoke & marched to the bathroom to write a haiku. i attempted to reign in on meter, time signature, & opening up interpretation even further with video. In doing so i hoped to harness some fleeting humanity out of the spirit i have been ignoring for the sake of pressing onward into what feels like a long pause before the plunge.

It is not that i am not content.. but rather, i have experienced all of what has been offered to me. So i sought to experience more. This is my Offering To April; my worries, my ecstacies, & trappings of the mundane. For them, i hope to receive freedom, fruition, & relief.

This poeticle will be further analyzed on my academic page, recently created.

i have created some writings that i call manifesta (click for the pdf). these poems are the first of many efforts to view our relation to gaia & each other. the format is crucial to visualization so please explore!


the faerie
till we have faces she seeks
She stretches a hand out for mine
& watches her world recede

The perfume of earth
black oil coating our worth

Fear of you
Fear of rust
Fear of darkness
Fear of lust

the pen
words are to be shared, just as we share the air and water
The greatest gifts aside from love, are the gifts that are for all

{please share with credit to the writer & the intent}

 – fey


my name is Fey.

i am a college student. my mother says she raised a child of the 1960’s. she is the reason i have had all that ornaments my life; from •attitude to •possessions, •nourriture to •toys, •mind to •heart… i am forever grateful;indebted to her efforts & unbridled loyalty to my future. all that would provide her with c∞ntinuity &  joy is all that i could hope to offer up.

two hands full of people in my life are christened as an extension from blood ties.
though i prefer this list be short for convenience, i am not opposed to being of service to, & considerate of others. my goal is not shallow connection, but to dive deep into the world without fear.
i believe all manifestations of energy and matter are equal in intrinsic value,

Intrinsic value is the value a thing has — not as a result of it functioning as a means (not for what it can lead to) but — in itself.

 so → i believe every form of life & the objects found in our universe are important.

there is a necessity for all matter:everything serves to further. for the sake of all sentient,
i believe one must not only take care of other humans, but of the planet we inhabit.

i believe the planet should be respected as a mother. i believe this terra is her (& thus our) home. we are her children who were birthed from her waters inseminated with energy from the central star she circles.

i do not claim any hierarchy of sentiency (based often on biological complexity). i only hope all forms of matter are revered for their purpose (unknown by mortals) regardless of socially constructed agency or authority.
to kill is to take energy from another;energy is a presence & opportunity for experience (+ pleasure) in our bodies that we call life. so i say, do not take a life. it is no one’s to take.

let’s create. let’s come together. let’s not destroy, or lose the tether we share to the ground beneath our feet. one could venture it is all that we’ll have for a while.

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