my name is Fey.

i am a college student. my mother says she raised a child of the 1960’s. she is the reason i have had all that ornaments my life; from •attitude to •possessions, •nourriture to •toys, •mind to •heart… i am forever grateful;indebted to her efforts & unbridled loyalty to my future. all that would provide her with c∞ntinuity &  joy is all that i could hope to offer up.

two hands full of people in my life are christened as an extension from blood ties.
though i prefer this list be short for convenience, i am not opposed to being of service to, & considerate of others. my goal is not shallow connection, but to dive deep into the world without fear.
i believe all manifestations of energy and matter are equal in intrinsic value,

Intrinsic value is the value a thing has — not as a result of it functioning as a means (not for what it can lead to) but — in itself.

 so → i believe every form of life & the objects found in our universe are important.

there is a necessity for all matter:everything serves to further. for the sake of all sentient,
i believe one must not only take care of other humans, but of the planet we inhabit.

i believe the planet should be respected as a mother. i believe this terra is her (& thus our) home. we are her children who were birthed from her waters inseminated with energy from the central star she circles.

i do not claim any hierarchy of sentiency (based often on biological complexity). i only hope all forms of matter are revered for their purpose (unknown by mortals) regardless of socially constructed agency or authority.
to kill is to take energy from another;energy is a presence & opportunity for experience (+ pleasure) in our bodies that we call life. so i say, do not take a life. it is no one’s to take.

let’s create. let’s come together. let’s not destroy, or lose the tether we share to the ground beneath our feet. one could venture it is all that we’ll have for a while.