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Welcome, all!

Poeticle: interdisciplinary efforts to meld as many different forms of art, with intention and passion, creating a synthesized organic connectivity of humanism in the Metamodern age. All people engage in, and should have access to the arts (via, performance, and physical crafts; painting/fiction/metal-working/etc…) to gain a better understanding of each other, and the earth as a whole. By creating and sharing these efforts together through collaboration, we unite in arts of universal value without forgetting culture.

I am currently at work on an EP, Ecology.
I have also began a writing a poem a day. By the end of the year, I’ll have hundreds of new poems, and a pool of experience.

My music & art project name is Raven & Moth. You will find my presence on these websites; s.c.f.b., & b.c.!

Explore the tabs for specific info! Enjoy!
Water your loved-ones, daily! ♥︎💚♥︎